Developing A Document Shredding Strategy For Your Business

A document destruction policy is integral to any business and protecting customer data is legislative. Not only are there regulations that require businesses to shred documents, but it is also part of running a trustworthy business.

Why do businesses need to destroy documents?
Every day, companies create paper documents and these documents require Shredding. Practically any document that has a first name last name address, and other information probably needs to be shredded including customer order information, contracts, receipts, old tax records and balance sheets etc.

What can happen if this information falls into the wrong hands?
Not only is forgery and fraud a major issue but also there is of course the potential for bad publicity, loss of customers and lawsuits to name but a few of the dangers.
It is important that all businesses shred or destroy certain sensitive documents.  Law enforcement, legal industries, government agencies, banks, health care providers, insurance providers, financial brokers, and real estate are just a few industries where managing paperwork is crucial.

So how can a business manage their documents safely and effectively?
A detailed security policy for every type of document your business uses is essential and employees need to know these policies!

For example: What are the shredding requirements for the various document types that your company frequently uses? What are employees allowed to photocopy? Use a certified Paper Shredding Company that has a good track record and train employees about disposing of sensitive documents and developing a very specific policy about how long to hold and when to discard documents will go a long way.  Access to company records should be controlled and restricted to a small number of individuals and there should be rules relating to records.

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