Why Outsourced Paper Shredding Works Better Than In-House Shredding

Very messy office with piles of files.Sure you’ve got your own paper shredding device attached to your bins, and you may even have this bulky shredder for more demanding jobs, but this doesn’t mean you don’t need a shredding service. As a matter of fact, hiring a 3rd party for proper destruction and disposal of sensitive information is a more practical choice these days.

Outsourced shredding services have cost advantage.
In-house shredding requires capital investment. In addition, you need to pay for maintenance and repair, not to mention pay for someone to operate the shredder. You just can’t hire anybody for the job; you’ve got to find someone you can fully trust. With a contractor, you don’t need to mind purchase cost, equipment upgrades, power consumption, labor and a bunch of other things. You only need to make a single payment that’s generally 1/2 the total cost of in-house shredding, plus you get more – ensured security, better disposal, and lesser liability.

Outsourced shredding offers certified destruction.
If you do in-house paper shredding, you need to create and implement proper document destruction policy. Furthermore, you must log the destruction and disposal of records in question, otherwise you and your operator become liable. With 3rd party shredding, the contractor absorbs all risks and threats, which may arise from poor document destruction. It carries professional liability insurance in case it’s accused of mishandling of documents or violating privacy, so you are spared from liability.

Outsourced shredding eliminates employment fraud.
A company rarely hires a team to operate the paper shredder. The in-house operator is usually a rank-and-file employee who works alone, unsupervised and unaudited. This is a big mistake on your part if you allow this because these days, it’s so easy to make money by selling personal information. In-house shredding poses the risks of employment fraud unless you take precautions. With outsourced shredding, destruction of documents are always witnessed, documented and audited from the moment documents are hauled from the vault to the time they’re completely shredded and destroyed.

Outsourced shredding services offer proper disposal.
With in-house shredding, shredded materials usually end up in the skip, unsorted and unsafe. A company seldom spends for safe delivery of the shredded materials to a reputable paper mill. When the shredder bag gets full or if the shredder breaks down, some employees simply throw sensitive data in the rubbish bin, unmindful of the consequences. Outsourced shredding provides secure procedures using locked containers and automated shredding. All shredded materials are right away sent to a reliable paper mill for immediate recycling, eliminating the risk of salvaging information from the rubbish.

It’s apparent that outsourced shredding is more secure and more reliable than in-house shredding. When a company outsources paper shredding, it means business with regards to properly and securely destroying sensitive information.

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